What are Friends For - devlog #2

Finding your friends in Grimmsteps can be the difference between getting through a dungeon or not. The inhabitants of fairy tale village fled after the attack and they'll need your help making it back.

You'll find NPCs in dungeons who will ask to follow you to safety and you can let them. Find multiple people and they will follow you in a train:

Each friend will give you a unique perk for helping them out, for example the Woodsman has a chance to block attacks against you with his axe


But you have to be careful! Your followers are vulnerable to attacks, make sure you plan your moves carefully if you want them to make it back to the village and not end up as monster chow!

There are a couple of extra movement tips that can help you out when your leading people to safety. First, you can leave your whole train temporarily behind (but be careful not to go too far or you can't protect them!). Secondly if you find yourself trapped in a corner give a followers a little shunt, they'll all move back a space


The perks your friends can give you will be essential in getting through a dungeon safely and some of them will help you out further - setting up shops in Granny's house once you've led them to safety. So hopefully none will be lost along the way!

Follow the game for regular updates - until next week! :)

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