Grimmsteps started out as just playing around with different ways to "fake" 3D in gamemaker.  I found the game coin crypt and a blog post about how they made their 3D using flat images that draw themselves using the draw_vertex functions. Here's what the game looked like then:

Then I discovered the layering 3D technique that I talked about in detail in the first devlog post. I really like what people have used that technique to create and that it allows for more shapes than cubes! It can be pretty costly due to all the draw calls, but so was drawing the vertices, so I'm not sure if there is much of an efficiency difference between the 2 methods. 

So I've stuck with that method as the game has been taking shape. And the game is almost ready to be played in demo form! As I said in my last post I'm off to America shortly. Though I think I will have quite a lot of time to program and make the art needed when flying etc, I'm not sure how often (if at all) I will be able to update you. But rest assured as soon as I am back I will fill you all in with the progress. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! 

Thanks again for following the devlog! I hope you enjoy seeing the progress on Grimmsteps :)

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