Sorry that this devlog is a little late! Things have been a bit hectic for me but development is still going well :)

I've been adding a few different weapons to the game,things you can find in chests to hopefully make travelling through the forest a bit easier and I would like to show you a couple of them that will be available in the demo. 

First off you have the broadsword! Able to do nice wide sweeping hits:

And secondly the longsword, for when you really need some reach to get rid of foes

I'm still playing around with the sprites and will probably end up going for something a little more fanciful and fairy tale - like. 

Finally, I am going to be away for the next couple of weeks in the USA for work, so I'm not sure if I will be able to post a devlog in that time. I will however start right back up when I get back if that's the case.

Happy gaming :)

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